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Has something on this website made you want to learn more about God, sin, and/or Jesus Christ? Here is some resources to help you grow in your faith:

YouTube Channels

Living Waters Ministry

Ray Comfort from Living Waters does an amazing job at explaining why we need Jesus Christ


Timothy Mackie and Jonathan Collins do a great job of summarizing and illustrating parts of the Bible to help people better understand it

AoC Network

AoC (Ambassadors of Christ) Network does a fantastic job at relating the Bible to current world events in a cinematic way (high production quality).


Cliffe from Give Me An Answer Ministry goes to colleges to answer students questions about God, the Bible, and Jesus Christ

Red Pen Logic

Mr. B from Red Pen Logic mainly makes short videos responding to rejections about the Bible

GTSP Ministry

GTSP (Gabe the Street Preacher) helps people see the sin that they are committing as well as creates videos on connecting current events to the Bible

Daily Disciple

Isaac creates videos that "equip you to follow Jesus daily"

Grow in Faith Grow in Christ 

Emilio Gonzalez Jr from Grow in Faith Grow in Christ makes Biblically based educational videos

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